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Some examples of these significant time periods include weddings, childbirth and coming-of-age initiations.Other dancing occasions include inaugurations of Zulu kings and war victories. I'm a coloured girl and seem to mostly attract black men, which I dont have a problem with. The problem is however that we see each other for max 3 months and then they dump me.I've started doubting having another relationship with any man never mind those who are Zulu!!!The Isicathamiya and Umbholoho dances are danced to both drums and songs.Girls are bare-chested and wear wool skirts and ankle rattles during the Ingoma dances and reed dance.The tradition begins with the virgin maids gathering reeds from the river and bringing them to the Zulu king.

He's hard headed, emotionally distant and he does not want to discuss things with me because he says I'm a woman and he is the head of the house.

In the Isishameni form of Ingoma, the boys and girls dance separately, and the opposite genders clap along for each other.

The Indalamu dance is done with drums and whistles.

Besides the bride choice, one of the main purposes of this ritual was to encourage girls to remain virgins until marriage.

There are several types of Zulu dances that occur throughout the year and many occasions that call for a dance.

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In the Imvunulo dance, women wear leather skirts and beaded aprons, while men wear amabeshu (cowhides). Denise Brandenberg has more than 15 years professional experience as a marketing copywriter, with a focus in public relations.

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