Windows xp updating hosts file

Domain Name Servers (DNS) bind the internet together.

They match machine-usable IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with human-readable domain names. But, while DNS is utterly essential to the internet, it's not the only way to connect IP addresses with domain names.

To fix this you can either delete the offending entry or you can place a # at the beginning of the line and your machine will ignore it. All this will take you a bit of time and effort, but I think you'll find that your increase in speed and privacy and drastic drop in ads will make it worth your time.

If all else fails, you can just delete the new hosts file and replace it with the old one.

You can also use Hosts files to connect mysterious IP addresses with meaningful domain names.

The hosts file is one of several system facilities that assists in addressing network nodes in a computer network.These are: How to make the internet not suck (as much), which despite the name is quite good, hp Hosts, and MVPS Hosts. You never use an extension with the name, such as hosts.txt, you just use "hosts".There's also the Hosts File Project, but unlike the others, which are frequently updated, Hosts File Project file hasn't been updated in over a year. Where you put your new and improved hosts file depends on your operating system and its version. For Windows, MVPS includes an installation routine.To be a valid Host files entry, you can't use website designations such as \, /, or If you put a hash tag, #, at the line's start, you've disabled that entry.

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What happens then is when a site, email, or what-have-you tries to steer you to a dodgy address, the Hosts file bounces it back and you're kept from going to the questionable domain.

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