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She was actually a California girl for a few years.

I think you’re so stinkin’ sensitive and you’re hyper-vigilant…” Not to be outdone, Riggle then countered with an offer to be a “big brother” to Cohen, with noogies, wedgies and wrestling included. “When Wynonna was a little girl, I heard her telling Ashley one time, ‘When nobody’s paying attention to me, I can just fart.'”Judd explained to Cohen and Riggle that her eldest daughter was “a funny kid.” Riggle added that she “hasn’t farted in a long time then, because people have been paying attention to her for a long time.” 3.

that she "felt a joy that hasn't been there before" during her marriage ceremony.

The five-time Grammy Award winner's mother Naomi Judd and her sister Ashley Judd were not in attendance for the wedding.

They attended kindergarten through third grade together; she says their friendship was one of the "bright spots" of her California years. Remember that Edwardian jacket she became famous for in the '80s? She says it reminded her of U2's Bono, whom she was just "in love with." Later in her life, she would meet the famous frontman backstage at a show in Nashville, and the two became lifelong friends.

In fact, they even began writing a song together (which they have yet to finish). Another crush Wy had may not seem as surprising: actor-musician Dwight Yoakam.

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