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This low rating is due in part to “the chaos” Americans are seeing out of Washington, Hoyer said.He believes their concern stems from “the lack of a jobs bill, the lack of a national security effort.” Trump has also tabled his plan to balance the budget, a promise he made often throughout his campaign, the Maryland Democrat pointed out in his interview with RCP."He didn't want to be like his father," says the congressman's daughter Anne Hoyer."That's what really drove him -- to be not just good, but strive to be the best you possibly could be." By the time Steny Hoyer was 16, his mother had married an Air Force sergeant and the family settled near Andrews Air Force Base. But, entering Suitland High School, the outgoing youth found the two interests that would define his life.“When you look at the votes on the floor of the House on an almost daily basis with respect to opposition to the Republicans trying to undermine regulations which protect our people – in terms of health care, protecting our consumers, protecting our environment – you don't see any division in the Democratic Party." A spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, responded to Hoyer’s 2018 forecast with skepticism."True to form, House Democrats are starting off another election cycle with outlandish predictions,” said Jesse Hunt.Chris Johnson is Chief Political & White House Reporter for the Washington Blade.

The rest is this: At 27, Hoyer became a state senator. "I aspired throughout my life to make a difference in the things I cared about," says Hoyer, his brown-and-white springer spaniel at his feet.Trump, on the other hand, has never had a positive approval rating since taking office.The RCP average has his job approval at net negative 6.4 percent.The Republican takeover of the House worked much the same way in the 2010 midterms, when Barack Obama was in the White House and Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress.During the week of the midterms, national polls put Obama’s approval rating in the mid-40s.

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This worked to Republicans’ advantage – they gained 63 House seats, winning control of the lower chamber (although Democrats kept the Senate).

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