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He said: “Shona got jealous so I made them meet each other and they’re getting on well now.”Although Matt didn't help matters by admitting to grabbing Brianne's boobs!He said: “I was doing a sit lift where your hand goes in the middle of her bum and I was a bit too low and she was like: ‘You’re on my cha cha.’“I’ve grabbed boobs too., former Love Island star Wes Nelson skated into the final with dance partner Vanessa Bauer.Wes had been dating fellow Love Islander Megan Barton Hanson for over six months, but they broke up after the first few weeks of the series.But you can see why it might happen, you spend a lot of time with people, dancing and stuff." in 2018.He had just left Mallorca with new girlfriend Amber Davies a few months before, but the pair split just before DOI started airing.Marriage is absolutely not something I’m scared of, but it isn’t necessarily the be-all and end-all." However, the couple announced their separation three months into rehearsals for the show.Despite the split, Donna and James remained friends - with James joining the studio audience to support her. He skated with Frankie Poultney and came fifth in the competition.

Matt, who is dating his Eastenders costar Shona Mc Garty, revealed this week that he had organised a meeting between Shona and Brianne to help settle the tension.

The skating partners denied it, but Brianne later revealed they had cheated after Matt broke up with her to start another relationship with a theatre actress.

The professional skater told : "Matt has totally betrayed me.

The source told the Daily Star this morning: “We haven’t even been on air yet and already two relationships have ended.“Everyone’s kind of looking around thinking: ‘Who’s next?

Many contestants' relationships have met an icy end, while others' have heated up despite the freezing temperatures.

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