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I love surprising people, so even my own family doesn’t get to listen to my songs early.” When asked if the singer meets with the actress often, Rain joked, “Do you think I can meet her? There are people who ask if we have broken up, but we are doing very well.

Although we can’t take care of each other as much because of our busy schedules, we take care of each other through the phone.” As this is Rain’s first public relationship since his debut, the singer commented, “We couldn’t help but reveal our relationship. Although there are uncomfortable aspects, there are comfortable parts as well.” Furthermore, when asked if the kiss mark on his cheeks in his “30 Sexy” music video meant that he already had someone, Rain laughed as said, “You could think that way, that’s the proper way to say it.

Of course I have someone.” Rain released his new album, “Rain Effect,” on January 2; the singer will be making his official comeback after four years.

In 2000, an advertising executive saw Kim riding the subway, and offered her a modeling job.

Kim then turned to film, starring in action fantasy epic The Restless (2006), Later that year, she starred in her first Japanese television drama Boku to Star no 99 Nichi, where her character is a Korean Wave star who meets an ordinary Japanese bodyguard and he somehow makes her fall head over heels in love with him.

Jung Ji-hoon, better known by his stage name Rain, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, actor, and music producer.

though doesnt sound like any example to me, just assumption without logic..

the whole point is i just wish u all would stop picking on the littlest thing Rain said, but rather focus more on his overall statement or posture or whatever he’s done and accomplished So he likes white chicks…whoop dee doo…it’s no different from all the White dudes in America craving over the Asians ladies. He doesn’t technically say he wants Megan Fox to be his ideal girlfriend, I don’t see anywhere in that article stating that.

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