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, Police Officer Drew Peterson used his connections to the police department to intimidate, threaten, and abuse his successively younger wives. When his fourth wife went missing in 2007, state police took another look at the “accidental death” of his third wife. His first three marriages failed and ended in divorce, with his third wife dying in a tragic accident.And now his fourth wife had run away with another man.Interviewed on television, Lisa said, “He grabbed me by the back of head pushed and said whether I liked it or not he was going to marry my mother and he was going to be my father and I would respect him.” After her mother was hospitalized following a car crash when Liza was 14, Peterson continued the abuse.“He had told me that he missed my mother so much that he didn’t want to be without her.” She told reporters, “He asked me to come lay down with him. I went in my room locked my door, and I thought to myself that can’t be happening,” Peterson also had a grudge against Lisa’s biological father, who Peterson didn’t want coming around.Peterson considered Lisa child, and no-one else could have her.When her real father was due for a visit, Peterson would hang out on the route he would have to take, and when he saw the car he would pull it over and delay the visit as long as he could.

Peterson, seemingly untouchable, began a campaign of harassing Kyle.Not too surprising given their 30 year age difference. Things were not all they seemed in the Peterson household.Drew Walter Peterson was born in 1954, and all his life he wanted to be a cop.Peterson, with a smirk on his face, even arrested her for non payment of parking tickets, tickets which she said she never received.It was clear to Kyle that Peterson was writing tickets himself and then throwing them away. Despite Kyle filing complaints with the police, nothing was done; it was swept under the carpet.

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