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But most of all, the public is especially interested in who she was pre- As it turns out, there's a laundry list of secrets Duggar has kept under wraps throughout the years — a fact that might shock her conservative fanbase.Yep, while Duggar waxed poetic to reality show cameras about the importance of living a squeaky clean and honest life, she was concealing some explosive secrets of her own.From prairie-style dresses to Duggar's controversial beliefs about dressing modestly, her distaste of revealing outfits is no secret.With that being said, we have a jaw-dropping truth bomb to fill you guys in on — Duggar supposedly was a fan of Making matters even more wild, one of Duggar's former neighbors claims Duggar wore skimpy bathing suits while she mowed the lawn."I found out that genetically I could put on weight easily, but with my activities, gymnastics and cheerleading, it was important for me not to," Duggar told ."I would look around and compare myself to my friends, saying, 'oh my, she's so small,' or 'she has such skinny legs.'" Her condition grew severe.

As upfront as Michelle Duggar might be about her conservative views, she's less forthcoming about her family members.The neighbors "used to complain because she'd mow the lawn in a bikini and wear short skirts," the neighbor told ?Needless to say, the ex-neighbor is shocked by Duggar's transformation from rebel teen to the woman who told TLC: "By keeping those private areas covered, there's not any 'defrauding' going on.Let's take a look at what Duggar has been hiding from us.might have noticed the odd fact that Duggar rarely talks about her extended family on-camera.

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Although one might reason that Duggar's silence is due to privacy concerns, that theory doesn't add up when you consider Jim Bob's relatives have made numerous cameos on the series. Well, one likely scenario is that Duggar may be ashamed of her lesbian sister, Evelyn Ruark.

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