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Though these whore hunts are billed as the "National Day of Johns Arrests" and sold as a way to end "demand" for commercial sex by targeting clients, sex workers make up 97 percent of prostitution-related felony convictions in Cook County, a 68 percent increase since 2008.

Though centered in Chicago, the program now infests 10 cities and will no doubt expand as far as Hunt's money can carry it.

Under the guise of going after "sex trafficking," prohibitionist politicians have been trying and failing to shut down Backpage—a commercial enterprise which has broken no laws—since at least 2011. And Sheriff Dart's pressuring Visa and Mastercard to reject adult-ad payments is nothing less than an end run around due process which affects not only his own fiefdom of Chicago, but every single place Backpage reaches via the Internet.We’ve been carefully researching the best alternatives for foreigners looking to purchase French train tickets ahead of their travels or while in the Hexagon.We’ll discuss the complaints and what to do about them, but basically our advice boils down to this.1. It’s by far the most likely to reject non-French credit cards and all of the same options are available from options 2 and 3 below.2.Sheriff Dart's crusade against sex workers is by no means limited to Backpage, nor is it merely the product of his own pearl-clutching brain.It is the result of a long-running collaboration between him and billionaire moralist Swanee Hunt, who has pursued her own private vendetta against us by bankrolling sex-work stings for several years now.

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