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Noticing the note, the mochi suddenly realized that [M/n] was like him. [M/n] jumped at the sound, huddling to the farthest end of the couch. When Ivan had fallen asleep the day before, Mattie informed [M/n] that the spell would probably wear off soon. It broke [M/n]’s heart to hear that, he didn’t want to say goodbye to his mochi friend. “What’s wrong, I-” The next crash, Ivan jumped into the blanket, shaking. Or he knew why he was shivering, but just didn’t care to let go. You were the capital of Italy, or Rome, to be more specific.

And Ivan loved vodka, a lot, so [M/n] usually found himself buying extra vodka whenever they went shopping. Being friends with mostly everyone there had meant no arguments or fights for him.

Although the little guy scared him half to death when he jumped from high places, so much so that [M/n] hired someone to put soft carpeting on his floors, that way Ivan couldn’t hurt himself when he decided to jump off the table without a napkin. Smiling, he skipped up the steps to the building where a meeting was being held place.

Though Ivan had managed to knock his laptop over and break it, the two of them had grown quite friendly. But besides that, [M/n] loved Ivan being around so much, he want to ever leave the house without the little guy. I was angry at first, but then I met you and everything went better! In fact, he had enjoyed the harsh winds as it brushed through his hair and swept across his (S/C) face.

Which lead him to making a gift with England’s help.~[M/n]’s House~ [M/n] had just gotten back from shopping when his doorbell ran. Half relieved and half disappointed to find no one there. Of course he didn’t have the heart to tell the lovable Brit, so he just told him he ate from Mc Donald’s. Opening the box, [M/n] paled when he saw a single mochi... But his heart began racing when the thing started to MOVE! ” [M/n] paced around his house before setting the box on the table, next to the note. Natalia had knocked on his door three times in the past thirty minutes. [M/n] looked up, about to yell at the man, but then froze. Your eyes wandered from locker to lo[Y/n] - your name, [L/n] - last name [E/c] - eye color "Oh, looks like someone let the pig out of its pen, again." "Oink oink! Pigs are thinner than that whale." "Huni-Senpai eats sweets all the time and is super thin, what's her excuse?

Rando might not be a roaring success — it is kind of, well…

In this way, people will randomly talk to you from your chosen country. You can connect to the webcam for free or install Camsurf video chat app on your mobile device.

Once you allow access to the camera and the microphone, you can start chatting.

To be honest, Rando makes me a little uncomfortable. [gallery ids="1286673,1286674,1286675,1286676"] I’m not sure Rando is a sure-fire hit, but I’m curious to see what its creators come up with next.

The app even features a “send blindly” mode, which is something like a digital dare — that is, a test to see if you’re brave enough to send a piece of content to a friend before you’re able to see what it is. Similarly, you can pick the subject for your quote (“funny,” “pets,” “friendship,” etc.) or your GIF (“lol,” “bored,” “win,” “love,” etc.) to narrow down Rando’s selection. “The send blindly feature is kind of a fun, gimmicky thing,” admits Barnard. Building and testing it has forced me to think a lot about what I share and why as well as what embarrassing photos might be lurking deep in my Camera Roll,” he says.

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