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NOTE: Though it has been deprecated to use gets() function, Instead of using gets, you want to use fgets().When the above code is compiled and executed, it waits for you to input some text.This section explains how to read values from the screen and how to print the result on the screen.The int getchar(void) function reads the next available character from the screen and returns it as an integer. Validating user input is no different in a console app than it is in a Winforms app.NET app, except that you don't have the nice Validation controls. NET background look at how people use Custom Validators - pay attention to the code-behind and ignore the client-side validation. NET comparatively is the existence of custom controls that help do it for you.When we say Input, it means to feed some data into a program.

Validating user input is part of the normal functionality of the program, not an exceptional situation.When you enter a text and press enter, then the program proceeds and reads only a single character and displays it as follows − The char *gets(char *s) function reads a line from stdin into the buffer pointed to by s until either a terminating newline or EOF (End of File).The int puts(const char *s) function writes the string 's' and 'a' trailing newline to stdout.You will see also that for this task you gain the advantage that the methods will be smaller and easier to read and understand. NET methods are named using This removes the need to worry about casing, lets Intelli Sense prompt you for valid values, and throwing an exception on an unexpected value ensures that you catch it during testing the moment it occurs, instead of the subtle "hey, this just keeps failing to validate" of always returning In conjunction with the answers provided above about the violation of the single point of responsibility and keeping the code as "Flat" as possible.One of my pet hates is passing in a string of the type your are dealing with.

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Also, you can use Regular Expressions in a Console app just as easily as you can in an ASP. Probably the reason validation isn't mentioned specifically to Console apps is that validation of input is validation of input.

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