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We decided to break these down into a few groups, lets start with our favorite Southeast Asian vacation destinations for men.

If you read travel blogs they make Southeast Asia sound like a pussy paradise for a single guy.

Welcome to our post on the 10 best travel destinations for single guys.

The world is a big place and there are many spots to visit, we tried to narrow this list down to our top 10.

That means foreign men can clean up on dating sites like Pina Love and Filipino Cupid.

If you have any club game you will do great in the nightlife also, Pinays love to dance and have a good time.

Most of the time we tried to list full countries so if you visit you will have multiple spots to check out.

Though we did include a few stand alone cities and when you see which ones we are talking about you should understand why.

Links for longer breakdowns: There are many people backpacking through Southeast Asia and one of the more popular spots to visit is Vietnam.

For beaches head to Boracay, Palawan, or Puerto Galera.

Links for longer breakdowns: Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, not just for men.

Plus it is probably the easiest spot in the world for a day game since the girls are very friendly and speak English far better than most. While Filipina girls might be the easiest for foreign men to hook up with they are also extremely flaky. If you don’t have much travel experience it could be a bit much for you.

That means you need to make lots of contacts and don’t assume that just because a girl says you can hang out that you actually will. Safety really isn’t an issue except for some sketchy areas of Manila.

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