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If installing a Nvidia Quadro card driver, select the Advanced option.

Then,on the Custom Installations options window, select ‘Perform a clean installation’ options.

Under Display adapter, open up your video card properties and select the Driver tab.

Click on the ‘Roll Back Driver’ button if it’s available.

If you are using a laptop or a desktop system with an integrated video card (meaning that your video card is not a separate card that is installed in an AGP or PCI-E slot), you will need to visit the website for your system manufacturer in order to download the most recent video card driver.

Below is a list of websites for common laptop system manufacturers: I have downloaded the most up-to-date driver for my video card, now what?

Expand ‘Display adapters’, change to the details tab and set the Property dropdown to ‘Hardware Ids’ Copy each of the lines in the Value box, mine has 4 but yours might be different.

With recent Windows updates, as a DASI Solutions Help Desk Application Engineer, I’ve seen an increase in tickets where users have installed a approved video card driver and after a few days or weeks, SOLIDWORKS begins to run really slow.

During the time between when the video driver was updated and the issue shows itself, the system has had a few Windows updates.

Theses where pasted into a notepad earlier on in this post.

To be able to install your own video card driver you will need to ‘disable’ this option while you install the video driver and then re-paste in the hardware IDs when you re-enable it.

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