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The instructions below assume you are setting up a fresh Text Mate install.Got this from the web somewhere: Just create a script with the following content:#! UTF-8SVN=`which svn`echo Changing to Bundles directory...mkdir -p /Library/Application\ Support/Text Mate/Bundlescd /Library/Application\ Support/Text Mate/Bundlesif [ -d /Library/Application\ Support/Text Mate/Bundles/R.tmbundle ]; then echo R bundle already exists - updating...One thing that makes this process a lot less painful is following the advice from the official Textmate book and installing the “Edit in Text Mate” bundle.Do this by going to Bundles-Install “Edit in Text Mate”, and follow the instructions.This drastically speeds up development, as you no longer have to copy and paste text between the windows, but instead can hit save any time you want to try your changes out.

I plan to allow Text Mate to create this symbolic link for you, just need to figure out the best way to do so.~/Library/Application Support/Text Mate/Bundles/ To be clear, if you are using Text Mate 2, there are multiple ways to acquire/use/edit/manage bundles.A large number of popular bundles (from Text Mate's Github repository) can be installed and managed directly in Text Mate via About extension), you can simply double-click on it to install it into Text Mate.That means you can also edit the bundle directly from the filesystem if you so choose.Because bundles installed in are unmanaged by Text Mate (i.e.

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