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This works in the sysreset and upp file server scripts and some others.

Some scripts respond even if you type something after !

With that done, now you are ready to use a File Server. Queue number 1 starts to send the file to the user when one of the sends finishes, and Queue number 2 receives the file requested after the next send finishes (could be the queued file).


If you see the message "DCC Server Session Terminated", don't freak out, that's meant to happen. If you don't, but there are directories, (stuff that doesn't have an extension) proceed to 2b.

It makes sense not to have an extra window on your channel bar, doesn't it? If you don't want any of the files listed and there aren't any directories listed, go to step 2go back up a directory, and try another folder.

These do not show up on the channel, and only the user and the file server know that the user typed it. But to be safe, one should type them in the Status Window.

This is because some channels kick/ban users that type the triggers wrong Eg. That is an example of typing the trigger with the ['s. They will prompt the user to type something in, and the user must type it in before he/she can access the file server or receive files.

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