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This utility is designed to find and repair minor faults within PST file and make it workable again. However, if for some reason Scan cannot fix the faulty PST, you don’t need to despair. This automated and user-friendly software is equipped with algorithms dedicated to resolving minor as well as major PST issues and get it up and running within no time.You can find this utility within your Outlook installation folder. It can even let you perform advanced tasks such as compressing PST, splitting it, etc.Final Words Once you have tried out everything to fix Outlook slow to receive emails using mentioned above, defrag your system once more.This is to ensure that whatever data was moved around in order to rectify the PST error is placed back where it belongs safe and sound.That means it is saving information in distributed memory locations instead of at one contiguous memory block.And that is making Outlook do a lot of work when trying to update it since it has to run around everywhere.So naturally, if Outlook is taking the time to properly receive emails, the “writing to the PST” part is the first place to look for possible problems.

If your hard drive has been in use for some years without being properly cleaned up or defragmented, chances are your PST file has become fragmented too.

While Outlook works butter smooth on a new computer, on systems that have been used for a few years, it often shows signs of degraded performance.

A common recurring Outlook issue on such systems is the application taking quite a few minutes to receive emails and download attachments.

I've tried: No options available through my email provider's cpanel web interface seem related to this.

I'll keep an eye on this thread, and am happy to provide more details or perform whatever steps are recommended. I cannot explain why, but it seems to work at my end at least.

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