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Therefore, if the Black Berry Storm is used with GSM wireless carriers in North America, the Black Berry Storm will only be able to access wireless internet at EDGE data speed maximum.This is because GSM carriers in North America, namely AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers and Fido do not operate on the same frequency bands for 3G as the rest of the world.The current software is: The Black Berry Storm by default is SIM locked, and can be subsequently unlocked on both the 9500 & 9530 Storm editions to use on any GSM network if the code is obtained from the respective provider.The 9530 is not compatible with AT&T Mobility's 3G UMTS/HSDPA network because its UMTS transceiver only works at 2.1 GHz which is a frequency not used in the United States for UMTS, but the Black Berry Storm will still work over the slower EDGE network in the United States and respective EDGE network from Rogers Communications in Canada.There are currently no unlocked and unbranded versions available for the GSM Blackberry Storm however unlocking the phone will allow it to be used with any GSM service provider.

David Haskin of the Reseller News noted that Black Berry's major business features, such as enterprise e-mail integration and Microsoft Office document editing capabilities were on par with Black Berry's previous offerings, noting that these features would likely make the Storm more popular with the business crowd.

The aim with this technology, Sure Press, was to enable a second level of confirmation before entering input.

A CDMA variant, the Black Berry Storm 9530, was also made available. Announce Date: Oct 07, 2008 Release Date: Nov 20, 2008 Screen Resolution: 480x360 Black Berry Storm 9530 owners, you're in luck as well.

noted the Storm's much-improved web browser and impressive call quality, while also deeming the Sure Press touchscreen difficult to learn and a hindrance to fast typing.

Several reviews also noted that the web browser was still unable to handle complex webpages correctly, saying that the i Phone's Safari is a better mobile browser.

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