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Anyhow, I didn’t talk to him about anything significant but I know that I’d just get along with him. The “Man Transformation” seminar featured a lot of other guest speakers including Lance Mason from PU101, Mehow, Hypnotica, Grant Adams from Net2Bed, Sean Stevenson, Alex Allman (author of Revolutionary Sex) and Neil Strauss himself.

I didn’t get to hear everyone speak and I definitely didn’t talk to all of them either but it was fun for me to just SEE all these gurus in one room chatting one another up.

In those videos, he teaches men how to massage a woman for optimal relaxation and blood flow so you can help her reach deeper, stronger orgasms and squirting.

I remember watching those DVDs a long time ago and wondering how Steve would be like in person.

From his long hair and cowboy/native American fashion style, I was afraid he’d be some kind of woo woo woo new age spiritual guy.

You can use any pool of knowledge for good or evil.Brent is probably one of the best dressers I’ve met in the Community. He wears good jeans, very nice shoes and always sports a nice blazer/sport coat. His image alone probably gives him a lot of attention from the kinder gender.Besides his good fashion sense, he has long shiny hair that would make Fabio (the model for all those romance novels) jealous. Maybe I should nickname Brent “Fabio.” I wonder how he’d like that. There’s something about their vibe that puts you at ease and makes you smile.He’s very passionate about what he teaches and you can tell it’s important for him to have men and women connect genuinely on a spiritual and sexual level.Just by listening to him and talking to him for a few minutes, I was just amazed at how much he knew about sensuality and health.

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