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From the West Coast of Vancouver Island to the far reaches of the East Coast, our fireplaces are featured in showrooms across North America.Step inside to experience the modernity and warmth of our hearths.The Town and Country Planning (Modification and Discharge of Planning Obligations) Regulations 1992 set out the procedure for making an application to amend planning obligations, including standard forms.The principles for modifying an obligation are that it "no longer serve a useful purpose" or "continues to serve a useful purpose equally well" There has been an amendment (28th Feb 2013) to the 1992 regulation and it is now possible to apply to amend any planning obligations entered into between 28 March 2008 and before 6 April 2010.The application and appeal procedure will assess the viability of affordable housing requirements only.It will not reopen any other planning policy considerations or review the merits of the permitted scheme.

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The Growth and Infrastructure Act (clause 7) inserts new clauses into s106 of the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act that introduces a new application and appeal procedure for the review of planning obligations on planning permissions which relate to the provision of affordable housing.

The changes require a council to assess the viability arguments, to renegotiate previously agreed affordable housing levels in a S106, and change the affordable housing requirement or face an appeal.

However these are not the only uses for a s106 obligation.

A s106 obligation can: A planning obligation can be subject to conditions, it can specify restrictions definitely or indefinitely, and in terms of payments the timing of these can be specified in the obligation.

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