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Brady may have five Superbowl rings, but he only has one wedding ring.Fresh off his breakup from Bridget Moynahan, Brady fell head over heels in love with supermodel Gisele Bündchen.Tara Reid – widely known for films such as – was certainly an upgrade for the New England quarterback and received more exposure in the non-sporting world that ever before.However, the couple only lasted for about a month in 2002.It’s only a rumor, but many have speculated that Brady may have been seeing Meghan Vasconcellos on the side while he and Moynahan were still dating back in 2006.And how could Brady avoid such a vixen when Meghan herself was the line captain of the Pat’s cheerleading squad at the time?Tom Brady briefly dated former Playboy model in 2002.

It’s terrific that Brady still has a solid bond with his son from another woman, but we think that Bridget isn’t too happy about the entire situation.In January of 2009, Brady proposed and by February, the two tied the knot with a Catholic ceremony in St. The lovely couple now has two kids, Benjamin, and Vivian Lake.Life is good when you’re a Super Bowl winning quarterback. Along with the fame and wealth that superstar athletes receive for their innate talent, they also get the first and best dibs on the hottest women in the world.Brady kept his movie star streak going by dating actress Bridget Moynahan from 2004 to late 2006. Bridget and Tom’s relationship would take a wild turn after they split up in December of 2006.In February of 2007, the ravishing brunette would reveal to Brady (and the general public) that she was more than three months pregnant with the quarterback as the baby daddy.

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Well past is past, as Brady would soon be forever tied to the final woman on our list.

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