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Don't be the first one to rush to break awkward silences. Stop reading online advice stuff like this one all the time, and make a simple goal for yourself. I love it when a guy takes initiative to break silences.

If she doesn't reply, or you can sense she has nothing to say..that silence breathe. Some of us are introverts and naturally don't have much to speak unless prodded.

And, gentlemen, you should not look as if you just came from the golf course.

Of course, wear something comfortable that you trust looks good on you, but females should avoid anything too suggestive on the first date, and men should avoid the temptation to dress too casually.

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Go for drinks or a casual dinner together in an environment where you can get to know one another better.

Dating can be frustrating, nerve-wracking, and is often full of deceit.

Having provided quality and professional matchmaking services for more than 25 years to upscale professional singles, retirees, and widowers in the Orlando area, Elite Introductions and Matchmaking Founder and CEO Elisabeth Dabbelt has been able to see firsthand some of the more common dating mistakes.

Whether you are working with Elite Introductions and Matchmaking or attempting to navigate the often frustrating and deceitful experience of dating on your own, there are 10 common mistakes that you will want to avoid: No one wants to be with someone who is boring and does not do anything inspiring.

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If your date knows everything there is to know after the first date, chances are you monopolized your time together. Eye contact is essential to dating and will help to heighten the impact of any playful flirting in which you and your date engage. That having been said, avoid staring obsessively at your date.

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