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Its dated 1958 even though the 33 Special didn't show in the catalogs until 1959! This is the same guitar as the Supro and was sold in the Montgomery Wards Catalogs. This neck pickup is a killer…single coil Valco made Supro haven’t heard one of these..expect to be impressed…It also has the awesome original Gold Single Line Kluson tuners . My first '56 has the cream fingerboard in the photos (see photo on the right although it's transparent in the photo above), whereas the second one has a black board with metallic position markers, shown below.When I removed the board there was a sheet of what looked like aluminium foil, under the perspex.It was obviously very old (discoloured in places and also stuck to some surfaces).The catalogue below says this model has a "sparkling transparent third dimensional fingerboard backed with gleaming gold".

They were truly on the cusp of culture and taste through the 1940s.

Certainly in the 1954 catalogue that I have, the Supreme is described as "glossy rich brown washable plastic finish".

Note the fairly ornate tuner buttons on the 1956 models - these are the original Kluson tuners and were in amazing condition on both of my '56 models. Also note the original screw-on cable connection in the photo below.

I can't remember where I found the article below, but for what it's worth here it is.

There is a video on You Tube in which he talks about his slide guitars, including this one. A company named Lollar now produces a substitute for these pickups.

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