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This sounds strange, because it was my choice to do it naked in the first movie...

Whatever your instincts are in life, just go for it.

He was also a forklift driver, gardener, ditch-digger and sandwich artist at Subway.

George started the George Stroumboulopoulos Music Therapy Scholarship.

Recently, A newspaper article came out that stated he slept with his then seperated (but still married) boss. Our tax money is being used to keep this talentless hack on the air because he had a “special” (intimate) relationship with the head of CBC Kirsten Stewart !

Not only that, but Strombo has slept with younger fans only to ignore them after he gets what he wants.

Also, our friends in The Lonely Parade swing through to spin a track off their latest project, “The Pits.” Tell all your friends that the Spirit of Radio is ready to rumble.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, George Stroumboulopoulos, or Strombo as he is known is a 37 year old sleeze bucket, who has a facade of being a “nice guy”.

He is the director, co-writer and producer of the scripted series Watching the Detectives. Both Ad-Rock and Mike D have curated and written the definitive retrospective – The Beastie Boys Book, due at the end of October. In a rare hour-long conversation, Ad-Rock and Mike D explore the evolution of their career, early NYC days, realizing that they weren’t proud of the “Licensed To Ill” lyrics, the unreleased pre-“Licensed…” album, creative freedom resulting from “Paul’s Boutique” bricked, Q-Tip‘s rejection, small crowds at disco clubs, label requests to write an MC Hammer diss track, meeting Hammer in a bathroom, Eminem’s surprise album “Kamikaze”, meeting Eminem in a bathroom, writing feminist lyrics, Brockhampton, the modern music industry, discomfort with the idea of being a leader, finding identity post-Beastie Boys, Ad-Rock’s thespian life, unheard Beasties Boys music, Ad-Rock’s work with film scores, Mike D’s production work, Sean Lennon referring to them as the modern Beastles, how MCA stays on their mind, wearing MCA’s pants, the future, loss, the potential of unreleased Beasties songs and a whole lotta more. All the while, organizing festivals to raise awareness and dollars for Tibet and other social justice causes. You might recognized Michael from the APTN series, “First Contact” that takes six average Canadians, all with strong opinions about Indigenous People, on a unique 28-day journey into Indigenous Canada. To honour the night before Polaris Music Prize, we collect some short-listers to talk about their favourite tunes by other short-listers, U. Girls talk Jeremy Dutcher; Partner talk Snotty Nose Rez Kids; Snotty Nose Rez Kids talk Daniel Caesar; Weaves talk Alvvays; Hubert Lenoir talks Pierre Kwenders and Pierre Kwenders talks Jean-Michel Blais. It is a collection of memories, rare photographs, comic strips, mixtape playlists, essays from famous friends and even a cookbook from Roy Choi. If that weren’t enough — Courtney Barnett returns to the House with her guitar to strum a few songs off her latest, “Tell Me How You Really Feel.” We will dive into some powerful music with award winning community organizer, and member of the Shamattawa Cree Nation, Michael Redhead Champagne.

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