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If someone’s already had bottom surgery and they eventually come out to their partner and the partner dumps them, 100% transphobia.If someone finds out that their partner is trans and has no knowledge of their genitals yet, 100% transphobia.I should let you know that I'm trans before we get too into things" seems perfectly reasonable on a timeline.People get ghosted, dumped, or find out they aren't politically compatible with their new interest all the time a month into a cis-het relationship.

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We were intimate on many occasions, although nothing overtly bad (never went all the way for obvious reasons and always remained respectable). A total classic bf/gf situation, and it felt absolutely wonderful. But, I was in a fantasy world where trans women can actually be treated like human beings. I feel like OP and many other here think that lying to someone is totally cool.

It got to the point (physically) where we kinda had to discuss something. He texts me the next day that he wants to discuss something. And jesus maybe it was difficult for the guy to explain why he didn't want to date so he went with something he thought was "acceptable."13% of the populace is cool to date, it isn't worth wasting the time on the transphobes, or hoping someone isn't a transphobe, or trying to cure someone of transphobia, or dating a transphobe hoping they change. I'd disclose on the first or second date, no more than 7 days in, pre-sex, pre-intimacy. even being cis lots of marriages end in divorce, lots of relationships fail, lots of couples beat on each other, get abusive, send the other to jail, etc.

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