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We aren't just talking about one-button crafting, an optional music system, or developer-sanctioned mount racing here, but rather an entire class dedicated to brightening someone else's day.Today's 19.12 hotfix is billed as the Entertainer update, and it's rather aptly named given the lengthy list of tweaks coming to dancers and musicians across the galaxy far, far away.Hondo Ohnaka, the Weequay pirate who was known for kidnapping Jedi during the Clone Wars and working to take down the Empire in the early days of the Rebel Alliance, has reinvented himself once more with Ohnaka Transport Solutions, a perfectly legitimate business, we’re sure.Although he has his own ship, the Katooni, when he’s hiring a new crew for a gig he prefers to borrow someone else’s hunk of junk for the job, including the Millennium Falcon.It was the first MMORPG I’d played, and the novelty of stepping out of a spaceport and wandering where the mood took you was glorious.

An online multiplayer experience set in George Lucas’ expansive sci-fi universe, Star Wars Galaxies was a game that placed you in the middle of the Galactic Civil War as a trader, soldier, or entertainer – or, if you stumbled across the right side-quest, even as a Jedi.While most of you will largely know Star Wars as an incredibly successful film franchise, the Star Wars games have their own sagas as worthy of attention – the furore around Star Wars Battlefront II being a prime example.But perhaps none is in more need of reconsideration than Star Wars Galaxies.Few have seen Oga Garra, the notorious crime boss, in the flesh, but today Star has captured an image of the elusive owner of Oga’s Cantina on Batuu.As she remains hidden, don’t expect (or even wish) to cross her path if you make your way to Black Spire Outpost inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the new themed land inside Disneyland Resort and opening August 29 at Walt Disney World Resort.

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