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Beyond the model stamp “130”, the pipe is marked “Stanwell, Royal Briar” and, of course, “Made in Denmark”.The markings are all on the underside of the shank except the model mark, which is on the right hand side of the shank.Also, if you enjoy a rich cigar, take a look at the Nording cigars, made by Rocky Patel.Blog by Steve Laug Early in August I received an email from an interesting woman on Vancouver Island regarding some pipes that she had for sale.It is fairly large pipe, slightly reminiscent of the “Acorn” shape with a conical chamber.It can be held in the mouth but not for extended periods of time unless you have jaws like a bulldog.

Pat sent me photos of each of the pipes before the deal was struck so I could see the pipes before I made a decision. I have included the two photos of this pipe that she sent me below.

She was looking to sell the pipes from her late husband Ken and one from her Great Grandfather.

Here is her email: I have 5 John Calich pipes that date from 1979 to 1981. I had bought them as Christmas and birthday gifts for my late husband. I wrote her back and told I was very interested in the pipes that she had for sale and asked her to send me some photos of the lot. I paid her through an e-transfer and the pipes were on their way to me.

They arrived quite quickly and when they did I opened the box and found she had added three more pipes – a Brigham, a Dr. There was also a wooden cigar box in the package that housed the Calich pipes.

They are all lovely looking freehand style shapes – even the two apple shaped pipes had a freehand twist to them.

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