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The restaurant Gosti is an absolute delight for anyone interested in the history of Russian culture.Decorated in the bohemian style of a Russian noble mansion of the early 20th century, the restaurant specializes in high-quality modern Russian cuisine.Confirm they are interested in a relationship with one of our members.I just had a quick look around 2AM and it was almost empty.The city’s eclectic dining scene offers the best of traditional and regional cuisine in sophisticated settings, from cozy Russian-style cafes to luxury dining establishments.We profile ten of our favorite local restaurants in Almaty.Whilst drinking black tea, brewed in a , a traditional metal teapot, the guests can look around and admire a wide array of decorative items and curiosities, from rusty coal irons to second-hand ice skates.With its unique, otherworldly atmosphere, Gosti is a must-visit spot on Almaty’s culinary trail.

The menu offers the best of traditional Uzbek cuisine, including its signature dish, the wedding No guide to Almaty’s dining scene would be complete without Chukotka, a cool and low-key restaurant/bar/coffeehouse frequented by the city’s hip crowd.It represents three traditional household settings, a farmer’s house, a merchant’s home and the living room of a rich While seated at the low tea house-style tables, guests can get acquainted with the rich, multi-layered flavors of Central Asian food and choose from the wide range of traditional Uzbek, Uygur and Kazakh dishes on offer.Choose from dishes such as delicious The ultra-modern and sophisticated El Mirador is a recent newcomer to Almaty’s dining scene.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.A major commercial and cultural hub in Kazakhstan, Almaty charms its guests with green alleyways, lovely local parks and an interesting mixture of Tsarist buildings and Soviet architecture.

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