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Also, since video games can have a tremendous amount of sequels we have occasionally chosen our favorite from a series that deserves recognition as a whole.For example, some of us really love Megaman 3, but Megaman 2 is here to take the trophy home for the whole NES team.Extra points go to Yacht Club for convincing original Al Lowe (PC, 1987) Not as classy as Journey-composer Alex Wintory’s orchestral score for the remake, but we’ll stick with the Roland MT-32 original, which perfectly captures the chintzy trashiness of this Las Vegas vacation (sorry, we mean Lost Wages vacation).When winning means getting the titular 40-year-old virgin laid, classy barely comes into it.This fall, the rapper will serve as special guest on Christina Aguilera’s first North American tour in over 10 years.Big Boi also has a role in the upcoming Superfly reboot.Most importantly: licensed soundtracks — an incredible act of curation and an art form in their own right — are out of bounds.

Finally, we’ve included a song for each entry and a playlist for them all.

From Nintendo 8-bit classics to stirring cinematic scores that have accompanied modern masterpieces like , here’s our ultimate guide to the best ever video game OSTs.

Ordering decades’ worth of timeless video game soundtracks into a definitive top 100 requires a few ground rules.

This list brought back a lot of memories, more than your typical retrospective list, and during the very long process of growing it these tunes brought us back to specific times — Christmas mornings, drunk nights as teenagers, half-forgotten Blockbuster rentals and so much more.

We hope this list brings back some memories for you too.

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