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Almost from the first time we met, I'd sized up Bill as a capable & ingenious young man; our Las Vegas excursion, though, convincingly proved that I had only underestimated him.We--Bill, his daughter Heather, & I--had had such an easy, relaxed ride from Redlands .If they ever got a tad bossy or condescending, they never saw her again, at least inside their home. Lucy had kindly, thoughtfully invited her to the wedding, but as we got under way Mrs. Arrive she did, however; after driving all the way to the Columbia campus with her dressed up & polished nephew--wouldn't have missed the occasion for worlds.And yet her code never allowed her to have lunch at our table. Fifteen minutes into the ceremony, a resplendent Mrs. & her nephew sailed into the chapel, swept grandly down the aisle ignoring the ushers, & plumped themselves down on the "groom's side." Mrs. thereby placed her official seal of approval on the wedding.But Alice had driven down to Las Vegas from Pocatello , knowing only "what" & "when." Unable to make arrangements, Alice knew only that she'd be in a wedding somewhere in town, probably at such & such a time.

To think of any of the three "Huntley weddings" brings back cherished recollections.No worries, only the most minor of duties to be performed. My eyes started to bug out--partly because red tape was choking me, partly because Bill was calmly, safely, & efficiently whacking it into pieces. Only he can tell you just how it was done in a borrowed Presbyterian church, with a co-signed wedding license.Las Vegas boasts dozens, maybe hundreds, of wedding chapels, practically drive through establishments. But if you think you can set up a do-it-yourself wedding in one of those quickie chapels, think again. It was done, & if Bob & Alice had been able to stand one another, their marriage certificate would have easily repelled, during their full lifetimes, any legal challenge.I followed his path to Redlands in l974 when I was appointed to the Department of Religion.Here are some of Ed's recent comments on weddings: When Bill requested Williams' marriage recollections, my first question to myself was, "Why are there only three to recall?

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