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Whether this is out of choice or compulsion is debatable.

This aspect of women’s empowerment received barely any attention yesterday as the International Working Women’s Day was marked with customary and trite statements from those in power.

Hardly 16% of the city’s women are in the formal workforce, according to Census Survey 2011 data.

Delhi, India’s other mega city, clocks in lower than Mumbai with only 13% of its women in the workforce but that is not a consolation.

Domestic work is among the fastest-growing sectors for urban working women.

Beating all the odds, a lot of women in India are foraying into entrepreneurship.

As per a 2015 report released by BNP Paribas, covering the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia, India ranks as the most active country for women entrepreneurs.

Only when women become better educated or skilled, they develop a sense of independence to make decisions about working, as employees or entrepreneurs.

The second has to do with the complex social and political support women get – or not – to take up work opportunities.

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