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“Our products range from flavoured lubricants to sex games, body stickers, costumes, handcuffs, sticks, rings, and a bevy of other items.They are very popular and demand is very high,” she said.The customers are mainly Arab women, said the saleswoman.“We also have Arab men, mainly from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who like these things," she added.It was not long until internet users, including those in Dubai, experienced problems like being a victim of hacking, online identity theft and the like.It felt like there was a need for users to become anonymous to avoid falling victims to various schemes done by some people that take advantage of the desire of people to use the internet.Because of this, there was a strong clamour to have the perfect VPN for Dubai to protect those people who actively use the internet.

It got about that the president of UAE has endorsed a new law this year considering VPN usage.If you are an expat from the USA, the UK, Australia, etc., then you will find that you are not able to access most of the popular websites and services that you used to access freely in your motherland.In the UAE, blocks are in place for all materials like pornography, sex, dating, gambling, etc and hence websites that carry such explicit content are completely banned.“Our customers find these prices very reasonable and almost similar to those in countries such as Thailand, Australia and Germany,” said a salesperson.Most of their products are of high quality and edible, she said. These are approved by the authorities there and customers can eat some of them,” she added.

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Using a VPN or proxy server today is known to be illegal.

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