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Both female and male prostitution have grown in operational yield in Pakistan over the years.

With this increase in professional sex-trade in the country, non-governmental organisations are beginning to worry about issues like discrimination and AIDS.

Over time, a professional clan which favoured the society with services of prostitution also evolved.

Men and women belonging to the community committed themselves to the sex trade, where men stayed as supportive influences and women were the main workers.

During the British Raj, the earlier nobility was replaced by a new nobility composed of those who showed loyalty for the British.

This new nobility was incapable of taking the role of patrons like earlier kings, and so the British provided much need patronage for the profession to grow and regulated the trade.

Pakistani prostitutes, thus, operate underground and in spite of the legal difficulties, prostitution in Pakistan is prevalent.

Thus, became hereditary professions of specific communities.Data At Rest & Data In Transist are Encrypted wherever possible within an AWS American Data Center.We've also enable a range of other AWS Security features to further protect our offering and have plans to further again enhance security going forward.Municipalities overlooking the sex districts were given the responsibility of collecting taxes and providing health and sanitation services to the brothels.After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, Pakistan inherited the historical red-light districts in Lahore and Multan including the infamous Hira Mandi area.

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These were well-developed and attracted both wealthy clients and those looking for singers and actresses.

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