Secondary dns zone not updating

Thus, for those clients that cannot update their records, DHCP can update DNS for them.

There are some fringe benefits to having DHCP update our records in DNS.

It does this by trimming the fat from the DNS database.

If you do not yet have scavenging enabled on you DNS zones I would suggest planning and enacting that change before streamlining your DNS zones.

DNS is at the core of our technical infrastructures, but has some security drawbacks to it.

Contrary to many articles (including those by Microsoft) that state that the Netlogon service that runs on Domain Controllers updates records every hour, this update actually takes place every 24 hours – up until Windows 2008.The benefits are numerous, but a few are the multi-master updates and replication.In normal DNS only one server can be the owner of the zone and have a writable copy, in multi-master any primary server can write to the database spreading the load and often bringing a master copy of DNS closer to the end user.This is best accomplished when other best practices have been followed in the network configuration.These include but are not limited to: – Active Directory Intergraded DNS Zones – Whenever possible, intergrating your DNS into AD is very helpful to the stability of your DNS design.

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