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Maggie corners De Luca, because he's been ignoring her calls and she doesn't have time for games. Meredith and Alex Talk It Out Meredith finally opens up to Alex about what happened with Will Thorpe, and why she freaked out and kicked him out of her room.She's wrapped in Derek's blanket, which she found while furiously cleaning the house that day." She and Amelia rush into the hallway to find Major Will Thorpe standing, shirtless and bewildered, outside Meredith's bedroom door.He protests he didn't do anything, but Mer is still yelling for him to get out.However, he showed up at the hospital after she got out of surgery and offered to take her home. ("I Am Not Waiting Anymore") On their third date, Will and Meredith had sex.However, the morning after, Meredith yelled at Will, asking him to leave immediately.Eventually, his performances in small parts in CSI: NY and Days of Our Lives brought him to the attention of the casting crew of Men in Trees, in which he played the part of Anne Heche's friend, occasional roommate, and sometimes love interest "Cash".

He was upset when Callie left the OR in the middle of surgery and didn't come back right away because she was trying to figure out how to cover a sizable gap in bone.Meanwhile, Catherine Avery comes into town and really shakes things up with April and Jackson.Keep reading the recap for highlights from Season 12, Episode 16, "When It Hurts So Bad." RELATED VIDEO: The Best of Meredith Grey » Meredith Kicks Thorpe Out of Bed Maggie is brushing her teeth when suddenly she hears Meredith screaming, "Get out!Concerned, Mer's sisters kick Will out, and try to get her to open the door.She does briefly, to ask if he's gone, then slams it in Maggie's face. That's One Way to Avoid Special Treatment Although De Luca was the one who pushed Maggie to take their relationship public, he's now regretting that everyone knows.

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