Science of love amodern dating experiment

• Have burning questions about who you really are and your place in the world. Like a bull with a ring in its nose, being at the mercy of our conditioned triggers creates suffering and hampers our relating—how do we free ourselves?

The biblical phrase “be in the world but not of the world” implies a being who is living from a deeper reality than the commonly accepted conditioned one—showing up here but living from an embodied truth that stands sovereign and independent of history and conditioned habit. Join Jeannie and friends for an experiential exploration of embodied sovereignty and its vital role in relational sanity.

Counseling professionals will find this methodology useful in working with their clients.

This workshop will: • Thoroughly ground you in a life-changing practice for spiritual inquiry that fits easily into even the busiest schedule.

This year, SAND will be bringing together some of the brightest minds in science, along with spiritual teachers from various traditions and artists, in a quest to expand and deepen our understanding and experience of our relational nature through the two lenses of science and spirituality. SAND wishes to welcome more young voices to our global community.

Including the body in our awareness allows us to build a capacity not only to rest below the mind, but to monitor and meet rising patterns in their infancy before they embroil us in triggered exchanges.

• Provide tools and tips for framing questions and interpreting your journey experiences.

• Help you to know how to make the distinction between interpreting the often symbolic language of intuitive wisdom and engaging in magical thinking.

Upavita is an old Sanskrit term for the eternal thread of golden imagination that makes each life valuable and noble from the beginning.

This sacred thread of life connects the mind with the heart; it ties us to the dream of life and leads us to the purpose of our soul.

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For scientists, bonds and connections are essential to the working of the universe; for mystics, love is the ultimate principle.

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