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This often leads to a catch-22 for a person with schizoid personality disorder: face the social world or continue to isolate.

Facing the social world is highly uncomfortable and clearly not the preferred option.

However, the lack of interest in and ability to maintain interpersonal relationships can become increasingly distressful without treatment.

You can identify if a person has schizoid personality disorder if they space out for longer than usual, rarely talk, and keep to themselves.

This is not a marriage, it is an inequitable partnership.

The PD may say they want a healthy marriage but their actions frequently create an unsafe environment for the spouse to be transparent.

There is something else happening other than poor communication skills.

Isolation is more comfortable, but too much isolation leads to loneliness and may result in detrimental long-term health effects.

Therefore a person with schizoid personality disorder may want to develop some coping strategies to help improve their quality of life.

Each has their own flare of ego-centered behavior, inflexibility, distortion, and impulse control In multiple environments beginning in adolescence.

Even though the PD existed during dating, it did not become apparent until married.

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