Roses are red violets are blue dating

I am particularly talented at cross-breeding, that is, spreading pollens from one plant to another in order to create a superior offspring, or a plant with particular traits.

So one day I hit upon the notion that perhaps there is a reason that roses are given as a sign of romance, and why some flowers are romantic and others are not.

For those not acquainted with gardening terms, this involves taking the superior strain of flower and breeding it with other strains of equally superior flower, allowing just enough cross-pollenization to keep the species stronger without diluting its desired traits.Perhaps it is because they have some trait that MAKES them more romantic, some scent or chemical that induces feelings of romance.There’s easy evolutionary explanation for it; animals come by, feel aroused, and as they’re having their romp they pick up some pollen.Blue is not a normal color for most things in nature.The Arabics had a myth that a blue rose causes forgetfulness. Oh, they have bred blue roses before, just to see if it can be done, but most breeds are only a light, paisley blue. They were an amazing breed, and alone would make my name among the gardening community. So though they were very beautiful, they weren’t really suitable for my purposes.

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