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In 2001 he resigned from the position and was appointed as Special Executive Adviser of Roland Corporation.In 2002, Kakehashi published an autobiography, I Believe in Music.Your serial number will help determine which version you have.Since both sides work normally, I'd say the problem lies on the effects may have to disconnect a wire from the transformer to flip the board over. big resistors and also signs of dry joints at the regulators...other than that as Enzo said Thank you for your support.I can also look at a schematic and find the components on the PCB. I can e-mail you some picutures of the PCB if you are willing to give me any hints - on MY OWN risc of course!Regards Mikael Hi again ENZO As you mentioned the IC MN3002 I just wanted to mention that yesterday when I was dealing with the PCBs I found that the the two small electrolythic caps around the MN3002 produced a lot of noise/hum when I touched the top of the alu shell. Is this just a conincidence or an indication that the fault could be the MN3002 or perhaps the caps?

When the chorus is off, both speaker amps rin on the main signal.The company was also manufacturing effects pedals, introducing the RE-201 Space Echo in 1974, and expanding into guitar amplifiers the following year with the JC-60 and JC-120 Jazz Chorus, whose chorus circuit would become the first Boss Corporation product, the CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, the following year.In 1976, Roland introduced the semi-modular System 100 and the modular System 700 cuold be a bad MN3002, a transistor or two, a small component, etc. Regarding my electronic skills I know perhaps more than I expressed...I have built some guitar effects and I know the difference between resistors, IC:s, transistors etc and I have and can use a multimeter.

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WHen yu switch on the chorus, then one side continues to play the main signal, while hte other plays the signal that was processed through the chorus.

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