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Mama looks positively exhausted in the Day One part.

Can you imagine pushing all of those little wascals out? It rings true, and I hope that you will keep in touch and see him again. Could you imagine yourself living the life of a country squire do breeder someday?

R30 - That's why I wrote on a piece of paper in the pic at R9.

In a way this is his "place of business" and I wasn't coming here looking for that in a million years. There aren't many around until you get to farmland. He is a very nice guy (who didn't kill me ) so that's good at least. Ask if to meet up in some kind of town for a drink another time.[quote] For God's sake? If breeders keep selling dogs they will keep breeding more puppies, if they have a hard time selling them, to the point where they have to sell them so cheap or give them away they will stop breeding even more puppies. fyi, john wayne gacy used to neck massage his house guests .........before they played the handcuff game. too bad john wayne gacys victims didnt have data lounge to go to for help. you could have gotten yourself killed with that thinking Ok I am home...

I probably would roll my eyes at this mess too though, so I get it. I at first thought you should go for this and now I am having 2nd thoughts. I hope you are on your 3 hour drive back home to sanity. damn, the situation you describe is very dangerous.

He's in the closet and it's just very different from what I was used to & I didn't want him To regret it or kill me after or something. All he had to do was put something in your little girl drink and you would wake up in handcuffs with that fat fuck going at you. I am really tired, so I'm just going through the posts & replying. I was going to do that until he said the "you can always take a nap" thing.

I've kind of stopped dating and hooking up in the last year or so due to a number of things. so I'm just totally outside of the whole sex world and am stupid enough to miss blatantly obvious cues & dont even want random sex (I wanted a dog! I can't believe I have to drive in post orgasmic state now. & what will happen to the dogs that have been bred? who are we supposed to call or get help from when he is busy dragging your dead body under neath the house and spreading lime all over it. still alive, which apparently surprised some people here.

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