Renee zellweger dating october 2016

There was one unordinary obligation she had to make – put a lot of weight; the amount was measured in 20 pounds (9 kg). To achieve the put goal, the actress used to sit on the 4,000 calorie diet, eating more than 4 times per day. The next year was completely unpredictable for actress and unbelievable for public, because the upcoming film introduced Renee a slim, even thin, lady, who charms much because of perfect shape and attractive appearance. Dailymail called her “shockingly gaunt”, because of the clothes size – it was only 6.

So, as one may guess it was not appropriate for professionals, but negative replies do exist and should exist.

It’s likely, however, that the rumors are false, as the two haven’t been photographed together and neither has commented on the subject.

Renee Zellweger is probably the most changeable actress ever, because she agreed to put on weight for three times, presenting the role of Bridget in a well-known sequel. After the film was released, she commented over her change for Vogue, that some time ago she noticed that society focuses much on physicality. In some time she again appeared on public, it was noticed that the weight went normal, because the shape was around the 8 size. The answer is sport – Renee was working out hard, six days per week, trying also to get rid of the bad eating habits.

Fraud was cited as the reason for the annulment, and in an interview with Anderson Cooper, Chesney touched upon the subject.

“The only fraud that was committed was me thinking that I knew what it was like…

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Camera shoots did show the change in body fit – the actress had already gained some pounds, wearing the dress of 12 size.

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