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References to past Rapid Climatic Changes, associated with hyper-arid phases, will be used to illustrate adaptive strategies and historical trajectories of fish-eating human societies during the mid-Holocene relating to such environmental and economic stresses.

The reduction of biodiversity due to climate- and ecological or anthropogenic forcing (such as during the 4th millenium BC) will be discussed, and how this may have contributed to a reduction of society‘s resilience.

J.-C., période Umm an-Nar), fouillé entre 1985 et 2011 par le Joint Hadd Project, compte parmi les vestiges d’habitat les plus remarquables de la région, et représente un site clé pour l’étude des populations est-arabiques.

Neo Arabia is an interdisciplinary and multi-scalar project, dealing with the very long term of the Arabian Neolithic (6200-2800 BC).

This is due to the abundance of stratified archaeological data (preserved in shell middens), excellent preservation of intra-site palaeo-economic data, coastal environmental archives (under current sebkhas), the combination of highly accurate data on upwelling changes in the Arabian Sea (cores available) and climate records preserved in speleothems and lake archives.

Environnement Ville Société (Laboratoire public) The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary.

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2000-1700 BC) using material from the recently excavated site of Saar ...

Julie Goy, Sterenn Le Maguer-Gillon, Charly Poliakoff, Hervé Monchot, Vladimir Dabrowski, Charlène Bouchaud, Pierre Lombard, Carolyne Douché, Neef Naturwissenschaften, Michèle Dinies e Routes de L' Orientreq_and_ready(['wow_profile', 'work_edit'], function() { var dispatcher Data = if (true) $('.js-work-strip[data-work-id=29122141]').each(function() { if (!

Les autorités ont restreint les droits à la liberté d’expression et d’association, s’appuyant sur des procédures juridiques entachées d’irrégularités pour suspendre des journaux et arrêter, poursuivre et condamner des journalistes pour des motifs pénaux et administratifs.

We propose to develop an integrated approach incorporating evidence from Neolithic occupation sites and their immediately surrounding environment (lagoon, mangrove, river mouth), to wider regional contexts (deltas, sea, monsoonal air masses).

Neolithic Eastern Arabia offers an exclusive exploratory research opportunity on the role of resiliency.

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Key adaptations may be numerous ranging from local to regional scales.

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