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Why else would ALL of the major media players on the planet have accounts with tens of thousands (and sometimes hundreds of thousands) of followers?How were they able to attract Instagram followers like a magnet, seemingly effortlessly? That is, until I was let go suddenly from a 9-year writing contract that I’d relied on heavily.

Yet in the back of my head, I knew there was something up with Instagram.

[Note: There isn’t much to see at the last one; it was realdatingadvice but it went kaput. [Second note: funny enough, since I posted this, I’ve still only got 9 IGs up for this last account, but well over 5000 followers now. It’s dropped a bit since I started using Holr, a company that automatically sends a note to each new follower, but it’s still going strong]. You know just by looking at them whether or not you’re interested in following me immediately. Do just this and nothing else, and you’ll attract more Instagram followers effortlessly.

I use this tactic when deciding whom to follow in turn. Don’t let branding be an excuse not to get things going!

As we go through this, I’ll go into the three different niches I tested with (travel, tea, and love), and share my results with each.

Spoiler alert: travel wins for highest engagement, tea wins for easiest monetization, love/dating wins for the most number of times I’ve had to re-create my account.

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