Rails update attributes not updating

Therefore the sti column value will still be the same.

Any change to the attributes on either instance will affect both instances.

Otherwise, in addition to the in-place modification the method returns def with_optimistic_retry begin yield rescue Active Record:: Stale Object Error begin # Reload lock_version in particular. This method differs from its non-bang version in the sense that it passes through the attribute setter. If attribute names are passed, they are updated along with updated_at/on attributes.

reload rescue Active Record:: Record Not Found # If the record is gone there is nothing to do. If the model is new, a record gets created in the database, otherwise the existing record gets updated. If any of them fail the action is cancelled and save returns Saves the model. If any of them fail Active Record:: Record Invalid gets raised, and the record won't be saved. Attributes marked as readonly are silently ignored if the record is being updated. If no time argument is passed, the current time is used as default.

If you want to change the sti column as well, use becomes! Wrapper around becomes that also changes the instance's sti column value.

This is especially useful if you want to persist the changed class in your database.

There's a series of callbacks associated with destroy.

I'd like to create this structure in a class hierarchy: I am using savon version-2 gem for soap requests, and for authorization and few other urls i didnt face problem, but for particular endpoint i need to search the date range from and to which needs to be passed inside item so the problem is first item get replaced by second how do i avoid this client = Savon.client(wsdl: "

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After looked into Stripe API I found there are two API( When I get results then in this i am not getting region of the selected UAE area because in UAE there is no postal code/zipcode.

if any way to get region for UAE areas then suggest me.

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Is it possible to dynamically embed the concerns based on an attribute of the model, or should I consider using STI instead?

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