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Many of these women were taken directly to El Paso – which at the time held the highest concentration of Punjabi immigrants in Texas – aboard a train that connected the town with Mexico City. Once it became obvious that the Punjabi-Mexican marriages satisfied the county clerks whose job it was to assess marriage license applicants and decide whether they were racially acceptable according to the prejudiced standards of the time, word quickly got around.

Intending to return to the Punjab, only a handful of men brought their wives and families.Once they’d achieved a measure of success, however, their priorities shifted from mere survival to finding deeper satisfaction in life, and they looked to start families in order to root themselves more firmly in the community.“A few of them had been married in India,” said Hardgrove, “but in those days when you migrated to a new continent, it was basically like going to Mars today.The Sikhs practiced in their traditional gurdwaras (place of worship), Hindus erected temples, and mosques were built by the Muslims, with the buildings functioning both as places of worship and as community centers for the thriving Punjabi-Mexican population.Obvious differences like language and religion aside, one of the most interesting features of the Punjabi- Mexican union is how well the cultures came together.

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