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Each line we choose to draw as unique as our thumb prints.

We can agree on the greats, and observe the potential of the youth.

Thomas is in tune with the boards under his feet and Nick listens.

This shaper and rider combo is often seen, in the case of Source Surfboards, Nick’s relationships with the guys riding his boards is felt.

Under the tutelage of the late Mike Walsh, a legendary glasser, Palandrani learned how to build a surfboard.Cooper’s high spirits and willingness allowed him to find the nose, sleuthing plenty of hip-high peelers.Reilly is diligently performing his post surf rituals, as the rest of us shoot the shit: drying and packing his board away with the family quiver. Despite peak tourist season in the Nor Cal mecca that Santa Cruz is, the kid found plenty of opportunity to turn heads. The next day we awake to a heavy dose of marine layer and barely give the waves a second look. We pile into Nick’s van as we head over to the West Side.“Mitchell’s Cove was a great spot,” Nick explains as we cruise towards the Santa Cruz Board Builder’s Guild.I’m riding shotgun and Reilly wedges his lanky frame amid the freshly shaped boards we’re dropping off to be glassed.

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