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Here are three reasons: • Comfort and familiarity – the feeling of knowing someone right away People with traits similar to your opposite gender parent may feel familiar to you.

By taking the time to look carefully at what we assume to be true and questioning why something else can’t be the truth, we open ourselves to making conscious decisions instead of falling into habitual patterns automatically. By providing culturally-sensitive and relevant information, they aim to correct misinformation, remove stigma and begin a dialogue about mental health and healthy living.Therefore looking backwards and doing productive change work on your childhood is the only way to deeply uproot and change your relationship patterns.Why You Date and Marry Your Parents In essence, people tend to attract partners who are very much like their parents, specifically the parent of the opposite gender.By the year 2050, over half of the United States will be ethnic minority, underscoring the importance of better understanding race relations and willingness to date intra- and inter-racially.Data from 2,123 online dating profiles were randomly collected from four racial groups (Asian, Black, Latino, and White).

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