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Two icebergs implied that their submerged lives remained separate and mysterious, even to each other, which was probably what Jackie had meant by her comment that, “I’d say Jack didn’t want to reveal himself at all.”She struck others as equally unfathomable.

Her secretary Mary Gallagher described Jackie’s life in the White House as “strangely remote,” and claimed she had no really close female friends. distant, detached as the psychologists say, moody and abstracted the novelists used to say.” Once, while Jackie sat silently during one of the countless Kennedy family celebrations in Hyannis Port, her husband had said, “A penny for your thoughts,” only to have her tell him, “If I told them to you, they wouldn’t be mine, would they, Jack?

Her physician had urged her to skip the 1956 Democratic Convention but she felt obliged to attend because her husband was a candidate for the vice presidency.

She went to her mother and stepfather’s estate in Newport afterward while he flew to Europe for a holiday.

Readers also learned that he seldom exploded in anger, was repelled by anything “corny,” demanded privacy, possessed “not a sliver of snobbishness,” could be “thin-skinned,” and used profanity “with the unconcern of a sailor.”As for his marriage, “a friend describes the life of the President-elect and his wife as rather like an iceberg,” Knebel wrote, “one part fully exposed to public view and most of it quietly submerged.” He did not reveal that the “friend” was Jacqueline Kennedy, or that she had referred to two icebergs in a letter to him, writing, “I would describe Jack as rather like me in that his life is an iceberg. Knebel had tinkered with her words to make them more compatible with the article’s light-hearted tone.

and Jackie Kennedy were famously photogenic, but friends noted that it wasn’t until his last days in office that the pair began to demonstrate physical affection for one another in public and in front of the cameras.

While he was cruising off Capri with what one newspaper called “several young women,” she went into labor and gave birth to a stillborn baby girl they planned to name Arabella, after the tiny ship that had accompanied the Mayflower.

He did not hear about the tragedy until three days later and decided to continue the cruise, leaving Bobby to comfort Jackie and bury Arabella.

He called Travell before flying to Otis, and she reported that Walsh had taken Jackie to the hospital and was preparing to perform an emergency cesarean.

Jackie would be fine, she said, but a baby born six weeks prematurely had only a 50/50 chance of surviving. He sat silently during the flight, staring out a window.

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He boasted of her being the prettiest baby in the nursery, and his voice broke when he described her to his best friend, Lem Billings, who had never seen him happier or more emotional.

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