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All the Venezuelans I have met have all been extremely proud of their heritage.Expressiveness is another trait I've noticed to be common among the women of this country.She said, “There were things that happened," adding that the feeling followed her home. ‘Please allow me to see in a dream tonight the struggle of this character, so I can get closer to you…' I got woken up by this horrible, horrible cry.” "The Curse of La Llorona" is in theaters Friday.If you spend enough time in Latin America, you're going to meet a lot of Venezuelan girls. NOTE: Yes, I know how foolhardy it is to generalize girls from Venezuela based on only a handful of experiences with them inside and outside the country..that shit has never stopped me before!This is because the upper class ones left long ago for greener pastures, like Europe, the United States or, to a lesser extent, Mexico.I can say from recent first hand experience that there are some gangster as fuck-looking Venezuelans in the streets of Lima and Quito that weren't there before.

They'll almost always be rooming with several people and have very few personal belongings.They are extremely patriotic people, and I must say the Venezuelans I've met abroad in Latin America don't seem particularly grateful for the countries that have taken them in.Even considering terrible state their country is in, many still manage to find a million ways to shit talk the countries that have generously accepted them.Unsurprisingly, Venezuelans abroad in South America aren't flush with cash.Upper class Venezuelans that emigrate normally opt for Miami, so the ones you'll find down here are normally from the poor/middle class back home.

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