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Barbara, who is 53, said that her last girlfriend was 22 years her junior, but that “it was no sugar mama situation.” “I felt I had life lessons to teach her, and she had youthful lessons to teach me,” said Barbara, who declined to give her last name because she is not out at work.“I came across some women who wanted me to take care of them, but it was like prostitution to me. I’m looking for a long-term relationship and friends, too.” Barbara said she wanted to find a woman who likes to travel and go out often, and said that a group like this — where everyone knows what they are there for — was helpful.“When I go out to lesbian events, there will be 500 young women, a few middle aged and a few older women, and I have no clue how to figure out who might consider going out with me,” said Miller. I realized most people who are older or younger and attracted to someone of the opposite ages were in the same position.So I founded this club.” Miller said that the group, which started last September, currently has 73 members.“Our society is more segmented than ever before in this country’s history.Talking about cultural experience and sharing across many generations is essential in terms of creating real community and developing perspective and wisdom.So far, she has met a younger friend whom she is mentoring, but the relationship is not romantic, which Barbara said is fine with her.“I think it’s important for generations to be in touch with each other,” said Miller.

“We talked for an hour, and she was really very bright, independent, and grounded, and I was impressed by that. This is a group for women who want to find meaningful relationsh­ips.” Miller said that NYC QCCT can be useful for younger women who are afraid older women will dismiss their advances, and older women who are young at heart and want a lover to match their mindset.“You have to protect yourself from getting your heart broken.Younger men can be vastly different from older men in many ways.She plans to attend Friday’s event at Sixty-9 Bathurst Nightclub.The only rule for women is they must be over 35 and legally single.

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