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The obvious next step was Tinder, where the explicit goal is to hookup with attractive people, without all the pretense about the site being for anything else.Tinder doesn’t release their own statistics, like Ok Cupid does, but one user experimented with the site enough to say how it works.When I see the list of #metoo harassers coming out of Hollywood, I can’t help but think there’s also a pattern.Even though show business is full of attractive people, it’s rarely any of the handsome men being accused.Younger women look for slightly older guys: Hollywood’s prejudices mirror the preferences we all have.

Ok Cupid measured how our views of beauty change with age.That gender ratio improves as people get older, because men are more likely to die young.They’re more likely to murder each other, more likely to die in accidents, and more likely to commit suicide.The movie ends by preaching body positivity, but does so by laughing at her expense, all along the way. Fat guys are usually still expected to be funny (Chris Farley, John Candy, Jonah Hill, Ricky Gervais, etc).Ugly men with unique looks reliably play some niche roles (like Steve Buscemi).

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